I’ve been asked many times, “What exactly is a Life Coach?”  Let me help clarify that for you!  A Life Coach is someone who helps you improve and achieve in the areas of your life for which you wish to – and as the title says, they coach you!  Think of it in terms of sports.  A coach teaches you the game, supports you during your wins and losses, and helps you become the best player possible!”

My specialty as a Motivational Life Coach is to help keep you motivated and on track while you strive to accomplish your personal and/or business goals.  I serve as your personal coach – directing you {if needed}, holding you accountable, and cheering for you along the way!

After setting a goal, you must take action – and that journey can be both thrilling and rewarding; but, let’s face it, that journey can also be exhausting and frustrating.  The good thing?  You’re not alone, so keep pressing on and let’s make it happen!

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“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” -Napoleon Hill

It is so important for us to realize how we can inspire others, not only through our actions, but through words – an email, a text, a Tweet, a Facebook post.  If your encouraging message can’t be delivered in person, honestly, how long does it take to send an email?  Nowadays, with Smartphones and our “ninja-like” texting abilities, a kind word can reach someone within minutes!

Encourage someone with your words today and plant a seed of success!  — Jennifer Lee Hain

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