I’ve been asked many times, “What exactly is a Life Coach?”  Let me help clarify that for you!  A Life Coach is someone who helps you improve and achieve in the areas of your life for which you wish to – and as the title says, they coach you!  Think of it in terms of sports.  A coach teaches you the game, supports you during your wins and losses, and helps you become the best player possible!”

My specialty as a Motivational Life Coach is to help keep you motivated and on track while you strive to accomplish your personal and/or business goals.  I serve as your personal coach – directing you {if needed}, holding you accountable, and cheering for you along the way!

After setting a goal, you must take action – and that journey can be both thrilling and rewarding; but, let’s face it, that journey can also be exhausting and frustrating.  The good thing?  You’re not alone, so keep pressing on and let’s make it happen!

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The satisfaction that comes with truly being yourself is inexplicable. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re comfortable in your own skin. It’s a beautiful thing and will take you very far in any life circumstance! Materialistic things can be stripped away from you, but your inner peace and contentment remain with you forever.

Get to know yourself. By this, I mean deep things like your beliefs/values and what you aspire to do and be – things that define who you are and keep you grounded. Getting to know yourself will drastically increase your self-confidence and then, when you’ve become disciplined with being yourself, you’ll have an easier time being true to yourself. The two become one! Make sense?

Be YOUnique!

– Jennifer Lee Hain

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