11960150_933593773386862_6270003301253292891_nI’ve been asked many times, “What exactly is a Life Coach?”  Let me help clarify that for you!  A Life Coach is someone who helps you improve and achieve in the areas of your life for which you wish to – and as the title says, they coach you!  Think of it in terms of sports.  A coach teaches you the game, supports you during your wins and losses, and helps you become the best player possible!”

My specialty as a Motivational Life Coach is to help keep you motivated and on track while you strive to accomplish your personal and/or business goals.  I serve as your personal coach – directing you {if needed}, holding you accountable, and cheering for you along the way!

After setting a goal, you must take action – and that journey can be both thrilling and rewarding; but, let’s face it, that journey can also be exhausting and frustrating.  The good thing?  You’re not alone, so keep pressing on and let’s make it happen!

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Time is valuable. Time is experience. If you’re hesitant about making a move in your life right now, the best piece of advice I can give you is to have your first course of action and “end game” in mind, but above all else…TAKE THE FIRST STEP and go from there! You must make the decision to get started. Trust yourself.

An important thing to acknowledge from the start is that you will need to make adjustments along the way…and that’s totally normal! Your journey will not be a straight path from start to finish – it’s not that easy and you’ll have to choose different paths at different times, depending on what you encounter.

There is never a perfect time and place to start working toward your goal. The time is NOW. Take that first step and let the rest fall into place. Be adaptable. Understand that you’ll need to adjust your sails. Understand that YOU are the one in control of those sails…you are the captain of your journey!

If you need a co-captain for a bit, find someone who can help you get started. We all need mentors, believe me! You can do this…no doubt in my mind that you can!

~ Jennifer Lee Hain